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The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding in the Media

The Guardian 'The Student who got £40,000'. 'Follow the example of Luke Blaxill who is funding his entire PhD with charitable grants...with amazing success'

The Independent 'Research all the Options....with the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding'

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Prizes won by GradFunding and the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding. We won the King's College Graduate School Prize (£2,000) and the Lion's Den Business Competition (£4,000).

Testimonials from Big Players

'The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate funding is an excellent resource for postgraduate students. We receive a number of enquiries from students searching for postgraduate funding and whilst we can identify potential sources this guide really does take them through the whole process and helps them become successful.' RDFunding UK

'This book is light at the end of the tunnel...if you’ve been unsuccessful in your application to traditional bodies...check out this guide. This guide really does include all the information you could need to start your application process.' Queen Mary University of London